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Management Team

The Inventure management team has proven experience with petroleum fuels and bio-based fuel manufacturing and marketing, as well as market and product development.

Mark Tegen

Mark Tegen – CEO

Mr. Tegen brings Inventure over 20 years of petroleum industry experience. He was formerly CEO of Senergy Chemical, which he formed after licensing a novel patent to convert glycerin into propylene glycol. The technology won the 2006 Presidential Green Chemistry Award. Prior to forming Senergy, Mr. Tegen was President of Pacific Fluids LLC, the largest specialty chemical manufacturer, terminal in the Pacific Northwest. During his term with Senergy Chemical and Pacific Fluids. Mr. Tegen oversaw the marketing, sales, product development, and manufacturing of petrochemical products for customers including Octagon Process, Boeing, Castrol, British Petroleum, Kaiser Aluminum, and others. In addition, he has also developed or co-developed 17 patents and patent applications. He received his degree in Business from the University of Washington.

Way Cheng Chai

Way Cheng Chai – CFO

Ms. Chai is a chartered accountant (ICAEW) by profession with an honors degree in Finance from Sheffield University, England. Her career spans over 25 years, reflecting a unique combination of finance and investment banking advisory work combined with executive responsibility of a major corporation. With over 15 years of investment banking experience, largely based in Hong Kong with Schroders and Merrill Lynch, responsible for fund raising (equity and equity linked issues), IPOs, M&As, corporate restructuring and general advisory transactions for local and multinational corporations in a variety of industries in North and South East Asia. She has a varied and extensive transactional background of operating and negotiating in the region, and a wide and deep network of contacts acquired throughout the region. Ms. Chai also served as Finance Director of SCMP Group, a HK listed corporation which is one of the largest English language publishing and print media companies in the region.

Rusty Sutterlin

William R. Sutterlin, Ph.D. – CSO

Dr. Rusty Sutterlin has a background and pertinent experience in chemical production, analysis, and planning. He has received organizational, local, state and federal recognition for his work, including being a recipient of the prestigious US Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award. As a chemist and chemical engineer, Dr. Sutterlin has experience in trouble shooting, interpretation and method development with analytical instruments and process development. His research interests include the conversion of agricultural products (corn, soybean, animal fats, algae, plant and animal wastes and cellulosic materials) and other biomass materials into higher value added chemicals. Typically these higher value added chemicals are a replacement of petroleum products. The majority of Dr. Sutterlin’s research is focused on products that have the potential to go from research and development to commercialization. He is part of the United States and Brazil research collaboration in biomass conversion.

Wes Berry

Wes Berry – CTO

Mr. Berry has over 30 years of practical chemical engineering experience from advanced ester processing to uranium recovery; he holds 23 patents. He has extensive knowledge in: Ion Exchange/Adsorption System Review: Arsenic Removal from Intermediate Acid: Manganese Recovery from Waste Water: Fine Particle Recovery: Strategic Metals Purification: Metal Salt Recovery from Industrial Process Stream: Phosphoric Acid Ultra-Purification: Industrial-Grade Phosphate Production: Industrial/Food-Grade Phosphate Production: Industrial-Grade Monoammonium Phosphate Production: Animal-Feed Grade Di-Calcium Phosphate Production Evaluation: Fluoride By-product Recovery Electronic Chemical Recycle/Recovery: Luminescent Materials Recovery and Preparations: Precious Metals Fractionation: Ammonium Thiosulfate Production. Mr. Berry has extensive knowledge with ion exchange and technology critical in the pre-treatment process. In addition, he has extensive experience with catalytic reactions and esterification, both critical steps in the patented process to be employed.

John Brown

John Brown – COO

Mr. Brown brings Inventure 20 years of manufacturing experience, and will spearhead the company’s facilities expansion. Before joining Inveture, he served as Director of Manufacturing at Greer Labs, where he oversaw 250+ employees encompassing manufacturing, engineering, supply chain and maintenance for the company’s 30,000 sku product line, which generated $60MM in annual sales. Mr. Brown was heavily involved in the $300MM acquisition in April 2013 by Ares Life Sciences. Prior to working at Greer, Mr. Brown filled progressive management roles over 10 years with Alkermes, Inc., ultimately serving as Associate Director of Manufacturing. In this role, he was responsible for 150 employees performing aseptic filling of all commercial and clinical products, sustaining 20+% growth throughout his tenure from commercial launch to annual sales of over $1BB year in retail sales for Risperdal Consta, Vivitrol and Bydureon.

Heather Watson

Heather Watson, Ph.D. – Director, Analytical Services

Dr. Watson comes to Inventure with an extensive research background, and currently oversees the company’s testing operations. Dr. Watson has expertise with a number of advanced analytical technologies, including Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), Thermal Gravimetric Analyzer (TGA), Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Time-Of-Flight Mass Spectrometry (MALDI -TOF MS), Gas Chromatography (GC MS and GC FID), High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) coupled to Evaporative Light Scattering Detectors (ELSD), and ElectroChemical Detectors (ECD). Her research interests range from identification and characterization of new protein-protein interactions to development of new methods of ionization and fragmentation for mass spectrometers for analysis of traditionally difficult samples. Dr. Watson’s work has been published in leading journals, including Biochemistry and Journal of Mass Spectrometry.

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