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Inventure Facilities

Inventure Renewables is headquartered in a 43,000 square foot facility in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
Our pilot plant facilities include a one ton per day continuous reactor, multiple batch and CSTR units, packed bed reactors, continuous chromatography separations and a comprehensive analytical lab with auto-titrators, rancimat, AAS, GCFID, GCMS, LCMS, HPLC, FTIR, KF, SDT and DSC. On-site distillation capabilities include: MYERS spinning disc molecular distillation, two BR Instruments spinning band distillation columns, glass wiped film evaporator, 2″ x 15′ packed distillation, 2″ x 15′ tray distillation, 4″ x 20′ packed distillation, and a falling film evaporator.
Inventure International (Pte) Limited, which is incorporated in Singapore, is the holding company of Inventure Renewables. Inventure International focuses on the international development, commercialization and sales using Inventure Renewables’ technologies on biomass materials sourced in Asia and international markets.

Technician and lab equipment

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