Accelerating renewable science innovation


Process Technologies for Extracting Value
from Biomass and Agribusiness by-products

Demand for renewable chemicals and fuels are driving demand for maximizing value of by-products. For example, glucose derived from low-value biomass residue poses a potent potential solution for meeting this demand…though no technology has been available to quickly and cost-effectively convert agricultural residues, by-products and advanced engineered micro-organisms into fuel or chemical building blocks.
Inventure Renewables has pioneered a number of proven process technologies for direct conversion of biomass residues and agribusiness by-products to chemicals, materials and fuels. Thanks to Inventure, low-value residues like sugar cane bagasse, corn stover, and palm EFB fiber – worth as little as $40/ton – can be inexpensively transformed into a mixture of materials valued at as much as $1,700/ton.

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Harvesting feed stock

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